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New Maywood TIF District Formation

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Frequently Asked Questions: What is the new TIF District?
FAQ's: TIF #1 (North Maywood)
FAQ's: TIF #3 (South Maywood)

Public Meeting Notices 
Public Meeting Notice for Maywood North #1 TIF District (2.21.2024) 
Public Meeting Notice for Maywood North #3 TIF District (2.21.2024)

TIF Interested Parties Registry
In 2000, the Village of Maywood (the “Village”) established a Tax Increment Financing (“TIF”) District Interested Parties Registry and adopted a set of Registration Rules for individuals and organizations to register their names and contact information on the Maywood TIF District Interested Parties Registry with the passage of Village of Maywood Ordinance No. CO-00-06.
Public Note (TIF Interested Parties Registry)

Ordinance No. CO-00-06
An ordinance of the Village of Maywood authorizing the establishment of Tax Increment Financing "Interested Parties" Registries and Adopting Registration Rules for such Registries.
Interested Parties Registry & Registration Ordinance No. CO-00-06

Registration Form (Individuals/Organizations)
Registration Form (TIF Interest Parties Registry 7.10.2020)

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