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Overnight Parking

The following information is provided by the Maywood Police Department to assist residents with the management of their vehicles in Maywood.

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Overnight Parking
The Maywood Police Department would like to remind you that overnight parking on Village streets is prohibited EVERY NIGHT between the hours of 2:00am - 5:00am. Whenever a resident has a guest visiting from out-of-town, or has an unforeseen circumstance that requires overnight parking, the following steps will enable the resident to obtain a “temporary” permit to park on the street.

  2. Parking requests must be submitted online at to register and create a profile.
  3. Required information: Full name, phone number, location of vehicle, license plate number, color, year, make and model of vehicle.
  4. A limit of five (5) overnight parking requests per month, per vehicle.
Village code in reference to the Overnight Parking Ban is §72.27:

For more information and to obtain Parking Permits:  Call (708) 450-6321 or 4451

The following parking ban assists Maywood Police law enforcement and Village of Maywood snow removal efforts:

Prohibited Overnight Parking
  • 1st Ave (Entire Village)
  • 5th Ave (Entire Village)
  • 9th Ave (Entire Village)
  • 17th Ave (1000 S. to Village Limits)
  • 19th Ave (100 S. to 1000 S.)
  • Chicago Ave (Entire Village)
  • Lake St. (Entire Village)
  • St. Charles Rd. (Entire Village)
  • Washington Blvd. (Entire Village)
  • Madison Ave (Entire Village)
  • Harrison Ave (Entire Village)
  • Bataan Ave (Entire Village)
  • Roosevelt Rd. (Entire Village)
**You must park on the side streets adjacent to these addresses if there are no signs prohibiting parking.

Parking during Inclement Snow Weather
  • To keep the streets safe during the Village’s snow removal operations, the following reminders inclement snow weather parking regulations are provided.
  • Parking is prohibited on any Snow Route when 2” or more of snow has fallen. These streets have signs indicating the snow route designation.
  • Parking is prohibited on all public streets when 3” or more of snow has fallen.
  • The Police Department will begin enforcing these parking regulations when 2” & 3” accumulations are present. Violators will be ticketed and towed about 1 hr. from the time the accumulations are reached.
  • Cars normally parked on streets overnight should be closely monitored and removed before plows need to get through. Many incidents occur at night, so keep informed on weather forecasts and respond accordingly.
  • Parking on streets after a snowfall may resume when the snow has stopped, and plows removed snow to the curb.
  • During winter months, please also help the firefighters by keeping the hydrants free and clear of snow and ice.
Please help the Village provide you with clean, safe streets and hassle-free traffic flow.

Parking Tickets
Once a parking citation is received, the adjudication process automatically begins as follows:
  • 1st notice - Notice of Violation
  • 2nd notice - Determination of Liability
  • 3rd notice - Notice of Final Determination
  • 4th notice - Notice of Immobilization Eligibility
  • 5th notice - Notice of Impending Drivers License Suspension
Maywood Boot Program
If you have received three or more ordinance violation citations on your vehicles, you could receive the BOOT. If the BOOT has been placed on your vehicle. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT!   Contact IKE 911 at (708) 450-4471 regarding boot removal inquiries.

Vehicle Stickers
Motorized vehicles are required to display a valid vehicle sticker if the vehicle is stored in Maywood.
Go to to purchase your vehicle sticker.

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