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The Role of the Fire Chief
Chief BronaughThe Maywood Fire Department is under the leadership of Chief Craig Bronaugh who provides direction for all firefighting and fire-prevention activities in the Village of Maywood as well as department responses to a broad range of emergency situations.  The MFD enjoys a long and distinguished tradition of service to the community. In recent years, the department has become a vital participant in a Mutual Aid Response system, which facilitates coordinated coverage and responses to emergency situations by fire departments throughout Chicago's western suburbs.

Sworn Personnel
1       Chief
6       Officers (3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants)
33    Firefighters
40    Total Sworn Personnel

Civilian Personnel
1    Fire Inspector
1    Administrative Assistant
2    Total Civilian Personnel

Emergency Vehicles
3    Engines (2 Front Line Engines, 1 Reserve Engine)
1    Ladder Truck
3    Ambulances (2 Front Line and 1 Reserve)
1    Station Vehicle
1    Rescue Squad
1    Chief Car
1    Fire Inspector Car
11    Total Vehicles
Station Facilities
The Maywood Fire Department operates out of two locations. Station 1 is located at 700 St. Charles Road and Station 2 is located at 1220 South 17th Avenue.

Station 1 is the main firehouse containing the department administrative offices, fire prevention and education, fire inspection and training. The station is staffed with the shift commander and a minimum of four firefighters twenty-four hours a day. The department's administrative office is located at Station 1 and operates on an eight hour business day. Below is a list of the vehicles housed at Station 1.

Vehicles Housed at Station 1
1    Front Line Engine    507
1    Front Line Ladder Truck    502
1    Rescue Squad    525
1    Back Up Ambulance    508
1    Reserve Ambulance    501
1    Station Car    509
1    Division 20 Arson Van    FI1
7    Total Vehicles

Station 2 is staffed with one lieutenant/acting lieutenant and three firefighters. The chart below shows the number of vehicles housed at Station 2.

Vehicles Housed at Station 2
1    Front Line Engine  -506
1    Reserve Engine  -  505
1    Front Line Ambulance -  500
3    Total Vehicles

Maps of Maywood Fire Stations
Maywood Fire Station No. 1
700 St. Charles Road
Maywood, IL 60153
Phone: 708-681-8860

Maywood Fire Station No. 2
1220 S. 17th Avenue
Maywood, IL 60153
Phone: 708-450-7405

Contact Information
Main Number:   708-450-7400
Fax:   708-729-2723
South End:   708-343-7780
Fire Chief  - Craig Bronaugh    708-681-8860
Fire Inspector (Otis Brown)    708-681-8861
Account Specialist (T. Logan)    708-681-8860
Non-Emergency    708-343-5595

Fire Station #1 North End
7th & St. Charles Road    708-450-7400

Fire Station #2 South End
17th Avenue    708-450-7405

Important Information:
Information on "OPERATING SMOKE ALARMS"(See attached flyer for more info)
Fire Hydrant Testing Notification
Fire Department Emergency Planning Evacuations
What to do when you are told to Evacuate

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