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Transfer Stamps

Stipulation regarding process of Transfer Stamps:

  • The seller pays for the Transfer Stamp at $4 per thousand of the selling price.
  • Check with the Community Development Department for inspections or any monies due.
  • Check with the Water Department for final water readings or any monies due.
  • Bring a clear Certificate of Compliance and completed Village of Maywood Transfer Declaration Form.
  • Bring in the Original Deed along with the Illinois Real Estate Declaration Form (P-Tax 203 Form).
  • All transactions at this point must be paid with Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order – no personal checks.
  • Please keep in mind we require up to a 72 hour wait on Transfer Stamps.
  • Please review the back of the Village of Maywood Transfer Declaration Form to confirm that your transaction is exempt . . . it MUST fall into one of these categories.
For information regarding Transfer Stamps - Call Phone Nos. 708-450-6314 or 450-6316
Real Estate Transfer Stamps Declaration Exemption Form("click") on attachment

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