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Home Improvement Program

VOM Homeowner Improvement Program (2024)
Homeowner Improvement Program
(up to $5,000 match)

The Maywood Homeowner Improvement Program allows eligible homeowners the ability to address home maintenance and update needs. Eligible repairs will maintain the habitability of a home and prevent homeowner displacement.

Who's Eligible?
To be eligible for the program, applicants must be residents of Maywood owning the property
as their primary home. Due to limited program funding, not all eligible households will
receive funding. To qualify for program funding, homeowner must have owned the residence
as primary home for a minimum of 7 years. If there are any repairs or renovations currently
being undertaken on your home by others or yourself, or done within the last 5 years that
require or required municipal permits, the work must be completed and the permits closed
out prior to applying to the Program. 

Eligible uses of funds include:
- Roofs
- Foundation
- Heating
- Electrical
- Windows
- Insulation
- Plumbing
- Driveways
- Fencing
- Front Porch

This program for 2024 is sponsored by the Village of Maywood through the American Rescue Plan Act Funds and available on a first come, first served basis.
Work not eligible for program funding includes but is not limited to luxury improvements (improvements which are strictly cosmetic), carpets, additions, conversions (basement, attic, etc.), repairs to structures separate from the living units (detached garage, shed, barn, etc.), furnishings, pools, landscaping, solar panels and generators. If determined unsafe, stoves may be replaced. The replacement or repair of other appliances is prohibited. Rehabilitation work performed by property owners shall not be funded under this program. The cost of removing any illegally converted living space (e.g., illegal bedrooms in the basement) are not eligible for assistance.

What's Next?
  • You submit your completed application to the Program.
  • The Building and Code Department reviews the application package and determines eligibility/ineligibility.
  • Once your eligibility has been established, the Program will conduct a comprehensive house inspection. The purpose of the comprehensive inspection is to detail any health, safety or substandard code items that exist on your property.
  • The Program is not guaranteeing to rehabilitate all the work listed in the work write-up.
  • Code, safety, and health related work items identified by the program inspector will take precedent over non-code work if elimination of work items is necessary. It is a program requirement to bring your house up to code.
  • The homeowner has the option of contributing personal funds for any work that exceeds the funding limit. The Municipality will pay the contractor directly upon program inspection approval of work completed.
  • Program participants will adhere to the Building & Code Department’s decisions.
  • The contractor will close out construction permits; provide warranty information and case closeout documentation.
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