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Inspections & Escrows

The Village of Maywood requires that all properties have a pre-sale or pre-rental inspection. After all the fees have been paid for the inspection, an inspection can be scheduled. It is strongly recommended that you start this process 30 days prior to your closing.

Once the inspection is completed the owner or representative will receive a written notice by mail of all violations. If there are no violations on the property then a Certificate of Compliance (Sale or Rental) will be issued.

If violations are present, the following must occur:

  • For a Sale: Correct any violations and call for a re-inspection date. Once all violations are completed a Certificate of Compliance will be issued. All property being sold and are vacant must complete and pay for the Vacant Building Registration Application.
  • Sale as is: An Affidavit and Escrow agreement must be established with the Village of Maywood as the Escrowee (see escrow agreement checklist). Once approved an escrow/conditional certificate of Compliance will be issued (all criteria must be met).
  • Rental: A rental inspection must be done prior to a new tenant moving in. All violations must be corrected prior to the issuance of a Certificate and Occupancy. Landlord Registration must also be submitted and renewed yearly.
Escrows - Selling/Buying Property

General Instructions
The Village of Maywood does not allow property to be sold “as is” but will allow an escrow to be established with the Village as the escrowee. The escrow package will need to be completed in its entirety, all original signatures (If property is a foreclosed property or bank owned the selling agent may sign on behalf of the seller), no whiteout, and no faxed copies. If seller is out of state, separate pages with one original signature each with original notary will be accepted.

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